10 Human Actions Dogs Are Upset About

Dogs can’t hide their emotions, that’s why you can easily see what mood they’re in. If a dog wags its tail and barks happily when seeing its owner, it’s crystal clear how it feels at the moment. However, it’s not that easy to recognize the feelings of resentment or sadness in a dog.

In this article, you’ll find out what can make your pet upset and how the 2 of you can find ways to understand each other.

You let strangers pet your dog.


If a child comes up to your a dog or a stranger tries to pet it while saying, “What a lovely dog!” — the best thing you can do is politely tell them “no.” Your dog’s character or mood can be different, and even the most sociable and kind dog can be reactive.

If you let everyone touch your dog, you cause it to be stressed out and you stop being a leader in your dog’s eyes.

You haven’t set a daily routine for your dog.


Your dog has its biological clock, which is why routine is so important for it. Consistency and the daily routine makes the world predictable to it, so the animal becomes more confident and its level of stress decreases.

Try to feed, walk, and train your dog at the same time every day. Just a few days after you’ve started practicing a daily routine, you’ll notice that your dog has become happier.

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