10 Smart Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

Every year, more and more amazing and incredibly useful devices, which can make our life easier and save a lot of time, are launched to the market.

A sonogram belt for pregnant women


The electronic PreVue device with flexible screen is attached to a baby bump with the help of a soft bandage and allows you to watch your baby inside you. Parents-to-be will be able to watch their babies grow, sleep, move, and react to various sounds in real time even before their birth.

A projecting bracelet


The Cicret company offers you a bracelet that turns your life into a tablet. It has a mini-projector and sensors, and the smartphone screen is projected right onto your arm. You can scroll and perform other actions on your skin.

Touch-Hear tactile dictionary


Scientists at the National University of Singapore created the Touch-Hear text recognition dictionary. It consists of 2 parts: a small sensor attached to your finger pads and a speaker attached to your ear. As soon as you touch a word printed in a book with the scanner, you’ll hear its meaning. At the same time, the device doesn’t bother other people at all: only you can hear it.

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