10 Space-Saving Ideas That Can Transform Your Small Apartment

Often, when we decide to redecorate an apartment, we spend a lot of time trying to decide how to use the space correctly, which colors to choose, and what furniture to buy. And it becomes even harder if you have a small apartment that you want to make cozy and beautiful.

Choosing light furniture


When choosing furniture for a small apartment, make sure it looks light. It should be transparent, with thin legs.

Light colors


No matter how much you love bright colors, if you live in a small apartment, choose lighter colors. The most appropriate ones are blue, light green, light pink, creme, and light grey.

Don’t buy small furniture.


One of the most popular mistakes people make when decorating a small space is choosing small furniture. It actually has the opposite effect — it makes you feel as if you live in a dollhouse. Add several massive pieces to keep a balance.

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