12 Gifts From the Future We Can Buy Today

It is hard to impress anyone with smartphones, tablets, or VR anymore. Newer and better inventions that can improve our lives are released every day. If you’re looking for a gift and you still don’t know what to buy for your relatives on their special day, this compilation will help you find something innovative. For example, a scale that can calculate how many calories a certain type of food has or a light for a perfect selfie.

1. Cup that changes the temperature of a drink


Ember is a ceramic cup that has become a great hit: in fact, many famous bloggers have reviewed this new invention. Its main difference from a regular cup is that it can maintain the temperature of a drink for a very long time. So this cup destroys the concept of having your coffee get cold in the morning and you can even control it by using a cool smartphone app.

2. Cellphone ring


Nokia Fit is a hands-free and ears-free device that is still in the concept stages. This ring allows you to get rid of all the Bluetooth radiation around your ears and accept calls by placing your finger on your ear only when necessary. Of course, this ring is designed to fit different finger sizes, so anyone can use it.

3. Holographic technology


Augmented reality is becoming more and more widespread. This technology allows you to open your entrance door by entering the password on a virtual keyboard that only you can see. You can also see AR used for entertainment: for example, you can play games like pool and see the trajectory of the balls on the table.

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