12 Gifts From the Future We Can Buy Today

4. Laser keyboard

12 Gifts From the Future We Can Buy Today

Now, anyone who wants this can buy it. This keyboard doesn’t have any keys — its picture is projected on a table. Its biggest advantage is how small and portable it is. This is a great gift for a freelancer, but the downside is that when it is used in a well-lit room, it may be hard to see all the letters and symbols.

5. Smart alarm clock

12 Gifts From the Future We Can Buy Today

This new alarm clock helps you wake up easily. 30 minutes before it’s set to go off, it starts to imitate the natural progression of daylight and becomes more and more bright. You are able to personalize the alarm yourself: you can choose things like singing birds or your favorite music. This is a perfect gift for people who love to sleep but have to get up early.

6. A light ring for the perfect selfie

12 Gifts From the Future We Can Buy Today

This is a small light ring that you can set on your smartphone or laptop. It creates the perfect light for a selfie and removes all the flaws on your face. You can use it to take a good picture even when it’s dark by choosing one of the various modes. This is the secret of great selfies!

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