17 Designs With a Crazy Touch That Are Conquering Everyone’s Heart

Imagine never getting tired and frustrated while waiting in long lines again. Someone who loves comfort as much as you do designed a special bean bag attached to a jumpsuit. This is just one example of many where people decided to go for that “crazy idea” against all odds. And this bizarre stuff not only works, but it made us purr like kittens.

1. No more wondering about what to wear and where to sit.


It’s not about the design here, but more about comfort, and this invention offers comfort and problem-solving and at the same time. With the Bean Bag Onesie you kill 2 birds with one stone: a comfy outfit and a cozy seat everywhere you go.

2. When you travel solo but you’d still like a warm hug to sleep on:


Mon Père — which is French and means my dad — is here to hug you (when no one else can) until you fall asleep. This weird sleeping pillow design is actually pretty comfortable and cozy.

3. Take gardening into your own hands with these monster gloves.


Garden Genie Gloves are a revolutionary design for all those handy men and women who love to work in direct contact with mother earth. The gloves have 4 ABS plastic claws attached to each hand and make digging, planting, and raking easier than ever without having to use any tools. Plus, it’s really awesome to have “monster” hands!

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