17 Things You’re Doing to Your Pet That They Actually Hate

There’s no denying that we love our pets more than anything. From spoiled house cats to fish that live in nicer tanks than the apartments their owners live in to the people that call their massive Great Danes “puppies,” the pet love is real. However, did you know that there may be a lot of things you do to your pet that they don’t like?

In fact, sometimes even common pet owner mistakes that seem small can contribute to aggression, discomfort, anxiety, and sickness in their cherished pets. Even though pet owners often intend to give their pets the very best, and maybe even treat them better than they treat people they actually know or are close to, it’s likely that they are guilty of one or more of these things pets don’t like.

If you want to make sure you’re not secretly driving your cat, dog, fish, opossum, or venomous snake crazy by doing these things pets hate, read on. Your furry, scaly, or potentially dangerous friend will thank you.

Hugging Your Dog


As affectionate and loyal as dogs are, many don’t like being hugged, even if they will tolerate hugs from humans they trust. Some dogs feel threatened when large arms are wrapped around them. If your dog stiffens up, licks their lips, yawns, or averts their eyes when you hug them, they probably do not like it.

Not Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box Enough


Cats are notoriously clean and finicky creatures with a taste for revenge. If you don’t keep their litter box clean enough for them, or even use a litter they don’t like, it’s very likely that they will use your bathtub or shoes.

Neither of you really wants to go through that. Be sure to clean your cat’s litter often.

Feeding Your Cat Food They Hate


So many cat owners do this and can’t figure out why their kitty is such a finicky eater. Some cats prefer wet food to dry food or vice versa, and may even dislike certain brands entirely. It is important to figure out what your cat likes so they can get the nutrition they need.

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