Do Not Go Camping Without These 9 Things

First Aid Kit

Don’t go camping without your first aid kit. It is easy to fall down and get a boo-boo in the great outdoors. Here is a first aid checklist we put together to help prepare you for common campground mishaps.

Camp Stove

The camp stove is an important item to take camping because it cooks hot food more efficiently than a campfire. This is another inexpensive item that uses the same fuels as lanterns. Unless you’re adept at cooking over a wood fire, or you just like eating cold foods, you’ll need a stove to cook.

Rain Gear

Unless you are going to a clothing optional campground, remember to bring along adequate clothing for any weather that you’re likely to encounter. That means a complete change of clothes, should the ones you’re wearing get wet. One item that always comes in handy is a rain jacket or if necessary, a rain suit. But hey, maybe clothing optional is a better choice than bringing a change of clothes for adverse weather. We won’t judge.

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