Holland Becomes the First Country Without Street Dogs, and Here’s How They Achieved It

Can you imagine how much greater the world would be without stray dogs? Holland took the lead and saved them by finding them all a home. They’re entirely changing the dogs’ destinies and allowing them to have a life full of happiness and love.

The government took specific action to accomplish this by implementing the PSVIR method (pick, sterilize, vaccinate, identify, and return). Thanks to this, in 2016, it became the first country to free these living creatures from the loneliness and terror of the streets. Those of us who love animals want this idea to be copied around the rest of the world.

The background story


Since the 19th century, Holland has had a huge dog population. Almost every family in the country had a dog as a pet because people viewed it as a symbol of social status.

But the large number of dogs that lived there sparked an outbreak of rabies which soon became one of the leading causes of death. Out of fear, many owners began abandoning their pets and since this action was considered legal, streets became filled with stray dogs of all kinds.

Sterilization days


Holland wanted to change these unfortunate circumstances. They began to do this by organizing days in which sterilization and castration were mandatory. All were free of charge; the government covered all the expenses. With this, they were able to sterilize 70% of female dogs. Every dog also had medical examinations to verify which vaccines and medical services it needed.

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