I have Tested 8 Crazy Beauty Life Hacks on Myself and Now I Know Which of Them Are Gems

Bloggers use all kinds of tricks in order to make the process of applying makeup easier and cheaper. They use silverware, children’s cosmetics, and even construction materials such as duct tape. Sometimes, these things look completely unreal — but do they really work?

Especially for Bright Side, I’ve tested these weird but popular recommendations from the Internet.

1. Creating the perfect tone


Life hack: Use 2 colors of a solid corrector — dark and light — and draw a chessboard of squares and mix them together. This way, the tone will be as even as possible.

My result: My skin looks perfect. It didn’t take as much corrector as I thought it would. But the layer of the foundation ended up too thick for me. However, this life hack definitely works.

2. Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes using red lipstick


Life hack: You can use red lipstick and concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes. The sequence of actions requires you to take a shading brush and spread the lipstick around the area under the eyes. Cover the red pigment with the concealer and use a sponge to even out the color.

My result: I tried really hard but no matter what I did or how much powder and concealer I used, I still couldn’t hide the pink color and I ruined my sponge. I want my dark circles back. This doesn’t work.

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