Top 10 best camping tents for dogs in 2019 – Reviews

3. Yolafe Portable Dog Tent

tents for dog

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Looking for one of the best tents for dogs?

This tent is the most ideal one for outside use, particularly for forest camping.

All sides mesh door and panels provide plenty of ventilation.

On the other side, single-sided double zippers keep dogs in a safe place. At the same time, cross brace construction is pretty much simple to pitch with powerful strength.

Lastly, creative instant setup Centre hub design can let you set up and pack down almost without any effort.


  • Great price
  • Compact
  • Easy to carry


  • Design is a bit complicated compared with otherr

4. Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up dog Tent

Best Camping Tents for Dogs

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The Winterial team built this pop-up tent with portability in mind!

The quality, lightweight material you’ll use allows for ease of use and no strain to the user. At only 2.5 pounds, the bag will provide full comfort as well as UV protection for you. This tent can be surely being used for your dog at camping in the outdoors or even at the beach! It can be used outdoors or indoors and includes ground anchors for outdoor protection.

The 2-inch sleeping pad will give the ultimate cushion for your dog in any setting. Bring this pop-up dog tent to the park or beach and your cat or dog will be in heaven. Setting up and taking down this tent will take a few minutes.

If you discover yourself staying inside due to not having the proper outdoor protective bed for you then look no further! This dog tent is also the biggest mosquito tent for protection in terms of outdoors. This product is superb for outdoor adventures with your dog or with your puppies so be sure to get the one right now!


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable


  • Slightly smaller

5. SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed Tents

Camping tents for dog

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One of the biggest advantages of using this tent is its breathable fabric. The circulation of the bed would provide your dog or puppy an extremely cooling and dry area!

This dog tent may be what you would really like for the pool. It provides your dog a place out of the heat and off the scorching cement!

The elevated floor lets your dog off the hot pavement on your patio when he/she has to be out all day. They will like the cover too, as it provides them their own hideaway and the canopy provides good shade in the sun outside!

Keeps its toys on it, letting it lounging comfortably in the cooling bed!

The total height of the bed is 9.1”, which makes it really simple for the puppy’s up and down! This is by far, one of the best camping tents for dogs.


  • Sturdy
  • Large enough
  • Assembling is easy


  • Size is a little bit smaller, might not the right fit if you have a big dog

6. Amazon Basics Folding Soft Dog Crate for Crate-Trained Dogs

Portable camping tents for dogs

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Whether hanging out at your own house or simply heading to a friend’s house, this Amazon Basics Folding Soft Dog Crate provides greatest convenience or comfort both you and your dog will love.

A strong, yet lightweight PVC frame maintains the crate’s total shape without adding unwanted weight, while beige-colored heavy-duty polyester fabric over the top, bottom, and sides of the crate provide a softer, more forgiving surface to curl up against, compared to a metal or hard-sided crate.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable design
  • Proper ventilation
  • Portable convenience
  • Front and top doors for easy go-and-out
  • Lightweight


  • Bad chemical odor

7. Pete go Umbra Portable dog House and Containment System

Best Backpacking Tents for dog

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The best part about this tent is that it can be handy for all sorts of occasions like training classes or training at home, competitions, shows, etc.

The Umbra dog is lightweight yet sturdy. It comes with stakes to make it even sturdier for outdoor use.

It’s easy to set up and take down is also easy but it pops down really fast. So watch your fingers and watch your dogs.

A medium can easily hold a dog around 37 pounds with room to spare.


  • Easy to operate
  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect soft crate


  • A bit pricey

8. Frontpet dog Portable Dog Tent

Best tents for dog

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This best dog tent is excellent for camping, outdoors, and giving your dog a home away from home. Beyond outdoors, it is also a great solution for taking your dog with you in the back of SUVs because it provides a safe, comfortable, and portable dog home for your dog. Using the portable dog home at the time of car trips will also prevent your vehicle from getting dirty by creating a barrier between your dog and the upholstery!


  • Highly comfortable
  • Easy-to-carry
  • Removable rainfly


  • Slightly smaller as compared with other tents


Highly comfortable


Removable rainfly


Slightly smaller as compared with other tents

9. SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

Best pet tents for camping

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This tent is consisting of breathable fabric and the bed would provide your dog friend a cooling and dry area! This may be what you wanted for the pool. It gives your dog a place out of the heat and off the scorching cement!

The floor is elevated which keeps it off the hot pavement on your patio when he/she has to be out all day. They will like the cover too because it provides them their own hideaway and the canopy provides good shade in the sun outside! It is a big tent.


  • Easy to set up
  • Large enough
  • Good ventilation


  • A little expensive

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet

Best Tents for dog camping


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Portable Play Pen can be used to keep your dog safe and secure in any environment. Can be used as an exercise kennel for your dog! Can be used for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and other dogs. Use indoors and outdoors. Great for Travel, Camping, Trips to the Park, Relaxing Indoors, House Training, Exercise.


  • Great indoors
  • Installation is pretty simple
  • Not too pricey


  • A little weight then you might expect

Must-have features to consider before purchasing a dog tent

The followings are the X most important features to consider just before you go for purchasing a tent for your dog. Let me list them down –

  • Determine your space needs
  • Consider tent weight
  • 3-season or 4-season camping tents
  • Pick the proper camping tent floor size
  • Know about vestibules
  • Consider tent height
  • Double-wall or single-wall design
  • Choose clips or sleeves
  • Consider the doors
  • Avoid fiberglass tent poles
  • About wind strength
  • Consider freestanding camping tents
  • Ensure proper ventilation

What might happen if you don’t consider must-have feature

1. Uncomfortable

In case you fail to choose a camping tent for dog without having those features, then you won’t be able to provide the best comfort to your dog, which will ultimately make your dog feel a bit uncomfortable

2. Waste of Money

Even though you purchase a tent with the lowest cost, it would at least cost you a little penny which will be going under the deep sea if you fail to choose the right one for your dog.

3. Health Issues

As long as your dog feels comfortable under the tent, it’s fine. But if the tent creates some issues, it definitely won’t be hygiene for your dog. Hope it makes sense.

All those above must-have features will bring you the best camping tents for dogs.

How to set up a tent for dog

When you buy the best camping tents for dogs you have set up it while camping. It is not so hard to set up tents. If you know how to set up any tents then it is super easy for you to set up a dog tent. Here is some way to learn to set up a dog tent.


There is no denying the fact that different types of dog tents need a different approach to setup. And every single dog tent comes up with a manual through which you’ll easily be able to set up the dog tent.

Therefore, the very first and foremost ways to set up a dog tent is to go through the manual and read it properly while setting up the tent.


These days, there are plenty of videos available on YouTube and other review sites. So what you can actually do is to go through all those videos and those videos will make your job a lot easier for you.

Get an expert

If you have an expert with you while camping with your dog, then there would be nothing much better than that. Therefore, take this matter into your account as well along with the other factors.

Benefits of the best dog tents

There are plenty of benefits to having a dog tent. Let me list them down –

1. Dog Safety

Dogs tents provide them right shelter particularly in scorching season and in times of the rainy season as the dog tents are built with water-resistant padding together with quilted lining and they keep the dogs warm when it is cool or cold when it is too hot during the summertime.

The best dog tents have a door and a window to let your dogs to move onto the outdoor and to encourage airflow or supply in its tent. It generally comes with a mesh backing that can be utilized as a seat or blanket at the time of travel.

2. Dog Comfort

You can make the full use of it as a dog camping tent when you go camping where your dog feels relaxed as well as protected from any serious natural disasters. You should, of course, provide your dog with a dog tent to use when you visit the outdoors particularly the park, beach or camp so as it can feel cozy as if it is at the house.

It is important to procure a quality portable camping tent that you can use both for the outdoors or indoors whenever you feel like.

Will only be applicable if you choose the best camping tents for dogs. if you are a dog owner you may take a look easy setup tents.

Here is the short video of best dog tents. In this video, you will get more information.

Loading video

Finale Verdict

Our experienced product researcher research more than 14 hours and find this top 10 tents for dogs. When you are going camping you must look for a shelter for your dog. Now we hope you get the best camping tents for dogs. If you have any questions or any suggetions feel free to send a message. Do you love the article? If yes, please share with your friends so that they can also find the best dog tents for their lovely puppy.


Can the dog sleep in a tent?

When considering a sleeping space for a dog camping trip, make sure the tent is large enough for you and your dog to sleep comfortably. Your dog tent is not an appropriate place to keep your dog when you are off of camp and should never be left unattended in your camping tent. Therefore, it’s better to consider a separate one for your dog.

How can you keep your dog safe while camping?

The most essential and vital factor that you need to remember is not to leave your dog unattended and always carry water with you. At the same time, it’s better not to keep your dog on a leash. This is how you can keep your dog safe while camping.

How can you keep a dog tent floor clean?

You can do it in three different ways. By making use of a soft sponge or a small, old bath towel and none-perfumed soap. However, bugs might be attracted by the perfumed soap. So, it’s crucial to make sure the tent is set up so that it’s taut and you can see all the dirty spots.

How thick should a tarp under a dog tent?

Irrespective of what thickness you settle on, a 10 x 10 tarp should be about ideal for under a dog tent because the finished size is always several inches short on each side, which will keep it from expanding beyond your footprint.

Is a dog tent footprint worth it?

A footprint is typically a great idea if you expect to camp on rough, rocky terrain with vital potential for sharp points and rough edges

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